It’s no secret that we’re bombarded with cheap, easy products daily, all of which are discarded when their use is exhausted or when another model arrives.

That’s why we’ve set out to create motorcycle accessories, saddlebags & panniers that are used by real riders and adventurers, with their input and experience, so each piece of gear has miles of knowledge embedded in its design.

We don’t cut corners and believe it’s an art form to create gear that holds up and gets better with use.

It’s been quality that Chop City Custom’s has sought to always hold true – quality in our memories, quality in ourselves and actions with others, and quality in the gear we use everyday.

The gear we create is meant to be used, put through the ringer, show its scars and be proud of it.

Our goal at CCC is to bring handmade, functional, quality gear at a price that won’t break the bank. We produce limited runs of handcrafted bags, product colors may slightly vary.